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We pride ourselves on our dedication and commitment to each of our projects.


Break free from your current stack

We excel in all things tech and digital. Whether you’re considering a shift in your current hardware/infrastructure, or if you’re simply trying to figure out which vendors are the best fit for your specific needs, we’re here to help.

While we don’t favor any one solution, we have meaningful relationships with all of the vendors in the space. This allows us to not only identify which ones might be the best fit for your organization, but it also allows us to negotiate on your behalf for the most favorable pricing available.


We deliver results and build community

We work within your budget to create the perfect campaigns. Whether it be for new developments, emerging companies, or branding/rebranding, our team will flawlessly put together and execute an effective marketing campaign. Your organization can hire OkapiCo for any single service offered through our integrated marketing suite.

Web Design

Innovation through aesthetic

Your consumers eat with their eyes first, especially when it comes to web design. It takes about 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an impression about a web page and, subsequently, your brand and company. Make that visit count.

We deliver stunning web design that transcends real estate as an industry. It’s one of the things we’re most passionate about.


Elevating your presence

SEO is 2 parts science, 2 parts art, and 1 part mystery. Our team stays ip to date on all of the algorithm updates that Google pushes out, all the best techniques for tanking websites, and all of the trends to produce amazing content. We provide on and off page SEO, manage paid search campaigns, and targeted social media ad campaigns. When it comes to results, we deliver.

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